Why do I run?

Stories - July 17, 2018 - Posted by Rob Bathgate

Why do I run?

This weekend saw a bucket load of rain; mud got muddier, rivers got wetter and a long run in the bush became more and more enticing.

A friend found a trail last week which sunk her down to her quads in mud. That’s where I want to go right now.

A run motivated by adventure, exploration and mud, not speed or records really is my favourite type of run. I love finding new places and seeing what’s over that next hill. At the moment.

It changes.

A while ago it was speed; I was enjoying getting faster, loving the feeling of the pavement flying by underneath my feet. Completely the opposite of why I want to run today, and I’m okay with that.

I love to run by myself; to get away from thinking about anything. There’s no phone reception in the Kaimais and that’s seriously valuable. But saying that, the majority of my runs are social; whether it be for a gossip and catch up, or to beast yourself against the mate who’s fitter and faster, or because you’re going for an explore and you want someone to get lost with, or just because you won’t go otherwise.

I asked a few of the team here why they run. Quite often it was started with:

to get fit and be healthy.

It's hard.

I think many of us put up barriers to this.

Let’s be honest, getting fit and being healthier is quite hard. It involves a heap of effort. We need to drag ourselves out for runs when we know they are going to hurt, and we need to roll out of bed at 5am to get to the gym.

Personally, I also need to dial down on my evening chocolate smashing sessions.

It can be easy.

I soon started hearing responses like:

because it’s fun.

because I like to challenge myself.

for my mental well-being.

to relax.

I like standing in the bush 15km from anyone else.

(I love that last one!)

If we could all see these results from the get-go instead - mental well-being, relaxing, simply having fun - then I wonder if we’d all find it easier to lace up those shoes for the first time?

Why do you run?

The first response I actually got back was:

That’s a deep question.

I think that says it all really. There’s no one reason; it changes and that’s why it's my happy place.


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Stories - July 17, 2018 - Posted by Rob Bathgate